A company which provides
a clean satisfaction, Shinhan A-Tec Co., Ltd

“Shinhan, will do
its best so to meet cutomer satisfaction always.“

Shinhan A-tec Co., Ltd. Agricultural Products will be always with farmers and nature. Since founded in January 1995, all our employees have put our best efforts in Research & Development with a principle mission to develop the agriculture. In order to produce more and safer agricultural products with less labor, the light of our laboratory shall never be off.

We would like to share the encourage and energy with you so that we could overcome difficult reality of the agriculture in these days. We, Shinhan A-Tec Co., Ltd duly promise you to be the company which always endeavors to return for the support of our customers who watch us warmly.

Thank you very much.

Shinhan A-Tec Co., Ltd CEO Kim HeongGyu

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